Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book Notice:
The Domain of the Word

My doctoral supervisor, John Webster, published an essay collection titled The Domain of the Word in 2012. Now the collection has received a paperback release for a much more affordable price. This is definitely a book that you will want to pick up. To find out more, I encourage you to read Darren Sumner's announcement of the book from 2012.

Some of the reviews:

“In ten elegantly crafted and precisely written chapters on Scripture and theological reason, John Webster shows himself to be the master of the domain he surveys and serves - and of which he is arguably the prime English-speaking minister. Taken together, these essays represent a bracing manifesto and compelling model of how to do theology with care, competence, and good cheer by situating one's thought in the broader sphere of the triune God's loving address. May its domain (of readers) increase!"
- Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Wheaton College Graduate School and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, USA.

“John Webster is a dogmatic theologian in the classic sense: he is seeking God's face. Knowing in faith that God has lovingly addressed us in the Scriptures, he seeks this loving God therein, trusting in the light that shines from the risen Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. Disarmingly modest, wonderfully clear, and always attentive to the human weakness and repentance that accompany theological speech, Webster gives us a taste of the joy that is to be had in knowing and loving the triune God through his Scriptures."
 - Matthew Levering, Professor of Theology, University of Dayton, USA.

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